What We Do

Here to help!

We help an individual to personalize his/her investment financial assets and or business owner who personally own his/her business to be independent investor and to managed his/her own accounts investment, by assisting him/her to categorize his/her investment portfolio’s (examples) such a tax free savings account, RESP registered education plan, RRSP registered retirement planned and to understanding the two types of margin and equities.

Retail Investor

Independent investor who personally own a financial assets and who allowed to purchase for him and or herself, rather than the other person.

Long Term Planning

Invest in short term and long term base in personal financial position with adequate protection, after tax that is part of retirement long term planning preparations and guidelines to help you organize financially.

we can provide you with multiple investments and resources investing strategies that is suitable to individual and entrepreneur’s authentic types of investors.

Business Owner Investor

Direct investing is the assets that is personally own by individual, and or corporations especially which we can converted into cash and or to helped the individual to decided whether the investment is appropriate for him/herself, as retail Investor and or Individual who purchases a small amounts of securities for him/and or herself.

Independent Investor

It is finely design to focus in international markets and researching growth stocks, buying small amounts of securities; direct investor is unlimited to build an alternative source of investments, whether in tax free savings, children’s registered education planning, registered retirement savings planned and or any other investing needs for short term and long term goals.

Investing mixed in medium and large caps stocks, mutual funds fixed income, index ranging from two to three thousands indexes various from local and international listings for bigger investors with a large-sum of spare-cash available to invest in fixed income, mutual funds, ETF’s in over three hundreds indexes listed in commodity’s that is designate to provide a higher percentage of interest and re-investing returns.