What We Do

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GLOBAL MARKET we help Individual or Business Owner to be Independent Direct Investors and to managed their owned personal Portfolio's Investment Assets such a TFSA Tax Free Savings Accounts, RESP Registered Education Savings Plan, RRSP Registered Retirement Savings Plan and to understanding the two types of Margin Accounts.

Direct Investing

Independent Direct Investor who personally own a Financial Assets and who allowed to purchase for him and or herself, rather than the other person.

Global Market Investing in short and long terms goal, based in personal and financial position with adequate protection, after Tax and Estate Planning before Retirement.

Global Market in multiple Investing Strategy that are applied to Business Owner and Entrepreneur authentic types Investor.

Direct Investing the Assets that is personally owned by individual, and or corporations especially which we can converted into cash and or to helped the individual to decided whether the investment is appropriate for him/herself., as retail Investor and or Individual who purchases a small amounts of securities for him/and or herself.

Global Market Independent Investing it is finely designed to focusing on International Market Researching in Growth Stocks, Small and Medium Large Caps Stocks and by buying small amounts of Shares Securities.

Global Direct Investor is unlimited to build the alternative source to his/her own personal portfolio’s whether it is in Tax Free Savings Account and Child Registered Education Savings Plan RESP and any other Investing needs for Short and long term goals.

Investing growths mixing with large and medium caps stocks mutual funds government bonds which provided a highest percentage interest and reinvesting returns.