Independent Investor’s

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Independent Direct Investors, who own Personal Financial Assets., and or allows to raise any amounts as qualified Investor, Individual who alone or together with a spouse, who owns a Personal Financial Assets., this means the Investor., Individual he/she must only be purchasing for him and or herself, rather than another person.

Private Corp. Financial Assets
The Financial Assets., is any items of Economic values that wholly owned by the Individual or Corporation, especially that which could be converted into cash, or other information that could help an Individual decides whether the Investment., is appropriate for him/herself., as a retail Investors and or the Individual who purchases a small amounts of Securities for him/herself.

Market Analytics
The Global Market Independent Investors., we are not employed by any Banking industries in Canada and or any other Financial institutions., we are Independent Direct Investors.

However, we worked as parts of Financial Institutions in terms of Direct Investors access ability in the Global Market Listings.

Financial Institution’s Networks
We use and connect to any Banking Financial Institutions within Canada's and or USA in conjunction to access and connect into the Global Market Exchange., for Canadian and American Corporate Listing under TSX Toronto Stock Exchange & NYSE New York Stock Exchange., Global Market offers you with a World of resources in terms of Global Investing.

Direct Investors
Independent Investor's who is able to access directly in the Trading Floor., Corporate Stock listings., Mutual Funds and Government Bonds the greatest opportunities to extending knowledge in the it depends by individual capabilities to work in Global Market Investing.

Independent Investing
It's a matter of taking the first step to go forward and to managed your own Personal and Financial Assets., Investment Portfolios to control your investments can be a very intimidating tasks.

Simplify Investing
Global Market guidelines to simplifying your financial goals and future perspective., it's a matter of getting the required help to set-up your Investment portfolio by joining with us, we will help you to accomplish your desire financial goals.

Earn while YOU learn!
How can Global Market, help you? by signing-up with us., you will get the “step by step” assistance using our procedures until you are fully confident to do it on your own. You have the capability to becomes the most successful, Independent Direct Investors.

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