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C/O Suite #416-1730 Richter Street
(Park West at Central Green)
Kelowna, British Columbia CANADA V1Y-0G5
Tel: (778) 478-1532

Nanette Moi
President & Director
Market Open 6:30am to 1:30pm

Monday thru Friday (PST) Pacific Standard Time British Columbia, in conjunction to Central Eastern Canada Time Zone between TSX Toronto & NYSE New York Stock Exchange., time differences approx. (3) hours in PST time British Columbia, CANADA

Opportunity to earn while YOU learn!

Global Market is finely designed to bring a new opportunity and help you understand how Global Market Investing works… join us today!

How We Work?

GMS Intl’ we works online base Operations via WhatsApp., skype., emails., text messaging., telephone., in person and willing to travel in certain agreement and arrangement., GMS Intl’ will provide YOU a World of Investment opportunities., within your fingertips.


Direct Independent Investor

Be your Own Boss., in simple terms for only 1 year contract we are fully committed to help you.

GMS Intl’ ww will provides you a guidelines and help you to accomplish and organize your Investment Portfolio., in various choices of Mutual Funds., Government Bonds., Growth Stock, Small-Medium and Large Cap Stocks.

Schedules & Appointment

Monday to Friday 6:30am to 1:30pm (PST) pacific standard time base in British Columbia CANADA


Work & Travel Arrangement

GMS Intl’ will work with YOU via WhatsApp., skype., emails., text messaging., telephone., in person and willingly to travel it’s free of charge within 100-200/km from our main Head Office of GMS Intl’ Global Market Source International., Kelowna, British Columbia CANADA

Travel Arrangement

In distance places client, will be able to requests and agreed to compensate the travel costs and arrangement., for minimum of three (3) business days., in selected Hotel 3/nights accommodations., and return Airfare.

CLOSED Weekends & Holidays

The associated market holidays of GMS Intl’ closed in conjunctions with TSX Toronto Stock Exchange & NYSE New York Stock Exchange.


What’s New!

Effective in the last quarter of 2019., due to tremendous increased of our commitments., responsibilities and obligations for the company’s Global Market Source International, we required our new client. Direct Investor, Individual & Corporate Business Owner., to signed a Contract Agreement with Global Market Source International, before we proceed and executing to work with you.

Referral Affiliate program YOU earn $200.00

No contract required if you know someone., who want to invest in the Global Stock Market., easy as referred a clients’ to us GMS Intl., and you earned cdn$200.00/per client you refer who is signing a Contract /Agreement with Global Market Source International.


Invest Globally Earn Locally Smart Investing

Global Market Independent Investor, does not need to be full-time., by earning extra income you can do it., anywhere at anytime. It’s how we designs to suited for individual Global Market Investors.


Referral Services Available
  • Business Grants /Start-ups., Entrepreneur’s (CANADA only)
  • Student Loan & Vehicle Financing
  • Commercial & Residential Mortgages
  • Machinery Oil Equip. Farming Loan
  • Life, Travel & Homes Insurances
  • New Investing Accounts (Global Market Intl’)
  • Wills & Estate Planning (legal)
  • Health Personal Agreement (legal)
  • Legal Matters (legal general)
Franchising Opportunity

If you are interested to buy /purchased GMS Intl’ name., International Logo rights of use., and Exclusive Rights or Non Exclusive Rights Services., under Global Market Source International.,  listed below for serious inquiry only. International communications kindly please use English… be greatly appreciated! e~mail:

Exclusive Rights & Non-Exclusive Rights Opportunity
  • Financial Services /Bank Lending
  • Stock Market Investing
  • Commercial & Residential Lending
  • Credit Cards & Personal Loan
  • Car Loan Financial Services
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Machinery Oil Equip. & Farm Loan
  • Insurance Services -Life, Health, Travel & Homes

Direct Investing… Smart Investing!

The main advantages of Global Market Source International, Independent Direct Investing., are for everyone’s to be able to make extra money., whether you are retired., working part-time., or full-time Job.

Invest Globally Earn Locally

The Direct Independent Investing global resources of earning a higher short term goal that will helped you to accomplished your immediate financial needs., Independent Investing to shape your financial and futures perspective.


The Secret of life! …Never Stop Learning!

Smart People On The Move!
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