Mission & Statement

Our Mission is to help you., and or assists Individual and Small Business Owner., understand, how to make money in the Global Stock Market.

By working and assisting him/her into simplest strategy of Independent Direct Investing.


Controlled by YOU!

The Independent Direct Investor’s who is enabled to control of his/her own personal finances /assets and or investments., whether for his/her Retirement RRSP Savings Plan, RESP Children’s Registered Education Savings Plan.

Personalized Investing

TFSA Tax Free Savings Plan, and or buy a new homes, vehicles, and any other new ventures, entrepreneurial business opportunities, related to financial planning strategies in short terms and long terms perspective by determining the times of when the money’s required.

What We Offer

We provide a World of Investment and or Investing opportunities to help you., understands, how to make money in the Global Markets, suitable for risks taker Individual or Business Owner., who is willing to learn to be Independent Direct Investors’ and enables to managed his/her owned Investments or Personal Assets.

Career Flexibility

Independent Direct Investors’ who personally own Financial Assets, and who allowed to purchase for him and or herself, rather than the other person.


Personal Assets

The Assets’ that is owned by Individual, and or Corporations, especially which we can converted into cash, and or to helps the Individual decides whether the Investment is appropriate for him/herself, as retail Investor and or Individual who purchases small amount of securities for him /and or herself.

Global Market Growth

Independent Direct Investing it is finely designs to focused on researching Growth Stock, Small-Medium and Large Cap Stocks by buying small amounts of Shares Securities.



Global Market Investing

Direct Independent Investors’ alternatives to build his/her own Portfolio’s in TFSA Tax Free Savings Accounts, Children’s RESP Registered Education Savings Plan and any other Investing needs for Short and Long Term Goals, to Growth in mixed with Large and Medium Cap Stocks, Mutual Funds, Government Bonds, which provided with highest percentages of re-Investing Returns.

Who We Are

Global Market Source International, we are unique Independent Direct Investor’s who works exclusively in the Global Markets., we focus specifically in Growth Stock, Small-Medium and Large Cap Stocks by buying small amounts of Shares Securities., prioritizing goals and perspectives.

Independent Investors

We are not employee’ and or employed by any Bank’s of Canada., neither associated to any other Financial Institutions., we are solely Independent Investors’ who personally managed and or enabled to purchase a small amounts of securities that is available in the Global Stock Markets.

Independent Investor Networks

We are Independent Investors., however, we connect to Banking Financial Institutions Networks within Canada’s in conjunction to access the Global Market for Canada TSX Toronto Stock Exchange and USA., NYSE New York Stock Exchange., Global Corporate Market Listings.

Goals & Vision

Global Market Source International, Independent Investors’ goals and perspective to focuses in our new client to provide a certain workable in intellectual knowledges and confident  to pursued into Independent Investing.

Global Market Opportunity

Independent Investor’ unlimited to the opportunities by Individual to extending resources in International Market Source, and this part it depends by Individual, Business Owner Investors’ capabilities to work with International Global Markets.

Independent Decision Maker

We will ensure you, and everyone who is actively participated and involves with Independent Direct Investing that he/she is fully-equipped, very-well informed to making a sounds decision and mindfully aware /observant ready to absorbs and taking risks into higher level in order to understand the real meaning of being Independent Direct Investors.

Solid Facts Investing

We will provide you, with solid facts to build your Financial resources., by assisting you’ to set-up a realistic goals in short & long terms of your Personal and Financial Perspectives.

The Key of Success!

Global Market Source International, we will simplify your investment, and you becomes in control of your own personal or business assets, and managed your general investment /finances, be the first to know, and be knowledgeable of your Investments, in where you want to invested., you have every rights to execute for your own personal and or business financial decisions!

Three (3) Main Aspect of Advantages

(1) Investing independently or being Independent Direct Investors you are 100% percent in control with your own investment, and not by a third party who’s acting on your half.

It is your investment and finances. Therefore, you have every rights to access in your accounts 24/hrs a day and 7 days a week. You have direct access into the Global Market Trading Floor, which will provides you with unlimited resources within your fingertips.

(2) Saving your 100% percent gain-profits instead of paying a management Investors fees’ for every dollar you earned, by being Independent Direct Investor your actual costs; is your one (1) time coaching fees’ with Global Market Source International, and the Trading Fee, for buying and selling of your holdings, plus of course… don’t forget to includes into your expenditures budgets the Tax and taxes in Capital gains., varies to differently in multiple Investments which it doesn’t apply for Tax Free Savings Accounts.

(3) It called Direct Independent Investor., it isn’t someone else a third party who acted for you. Direct Independent Investor it will be you, that will begins immediately ASAP as soon as you start believing you can do it. Therefore, no bias and no limbo with GMS Global Market Source International, the Advantages and Strategy of being Independent Investor’ is worth it of pursuing to create your own advantaged.

Global Market Strategy

Simple strategies by saving your quality time and effort instead of giving others instructions’ of what you want to accomplish in your Personal Financial needs.


Independent Investor

Join with us, Global Market Source International, Independent Direct Investors’ to unblocked and brighten your future learning along the ways to financial success and freedom enabling you to enjoy life to the fullest.

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