Mission & Statement

Global Market Mission
Our mission is to helped and or assisting the beginner Independent Investor and or Small Business Owner understand, how to make money in the Global Stock Market., by choosing various of products and option that are available in Global Market within Canadian and American Stocks Exchange of Corporate Market Listings.

Global Market Independent Investor are for authentic types of Investor, self-starter.

At Global Direct Investing we worked together and assists him/her into simple strategy of Direct Independent Investing.

Three (3) Main Aspect of Advantages
(1.) Investing independently, or being Independent Direct Investor you are 100% percent in control with your own Investment Financial Resources.

You have every rights to access in your accounts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You have direct access into Global Market Trading Floor, which will provides you with unlimited resources within your fingertips.

(2.) It will saved you 98% percent gained/profits instead of paying a management investor fee for every dollar you earned.

Your additional cost is the Global Market, one (1) time payment of services to helped you learned and your income tax, the tax from Investment gained profits depending on your Investment (except) the Tax Free Savings is Free Tax.
(3.) Why it is called Direct Independent Investor? isn't someone else as third party who acted for you.

Direct Independent Investor it is YOU. Therefore, no bias and no limbo with Global Market Direct Investor.

Independent Investing is worth it of pursuing to create your own comfort-zone and advantaged of being authentic'self-starter alike entrepreneurs.

Personalized Investing
The Global Market Independent Investor's unlimited to build into several accounts and portfolio's in whether Tax Free Savings Planning and or buying a new homes, vehicles, and any other entrepreneurial business ventures opportunity related to financial planning strategies in short term and long terms perspectives by determining the times of when the money's required.
Invest globally & earn locally

What We Offer
At Global Market., we provide a world of investment opportunity's and or Investing resources to helped individual and beginner investor to understand., how to make money in the Global Market, suitable for risks taker Individual or Business Owner., Entrepreneur Authentic Types of personally., who is willing to learns to be Independent Direct Investor and enable to managed his/her owned Investments or Personal Assets.

Career Flexibility
Global Market Independent Direct Investor, who personally owned a Financial Assets., and who allowed to purchase for him and or herself, rather than the other person.
Personal Assets
The Direct Investor personal savings it's an assets that is owned by individual, and or business corporations that are especially which we can converted into cash value., to help the individual decide whether the investment is appropriate for him/herself, as the retail Investor and or Individual who purchases small amount of securities for him /and or herself.

Global Market Investing
Direct Independent Investors’ alternatives to build his/her own Portfolio’s in Tax Free Savings Accounts children's RESP Registered Education Savings Plan and any other Investing needs for Short and Long Term Goals.

Investing in growth stocks mixing with large medium caps stocks and mutual funds government bonds which provided with highest percentage of reinvesting returns.

Who We Are
At Global Market, we are unique Independent Direct Investor who worked exclusively in the Global Market, and we focus specifically in growth stock, small and medium large caps stocks by buying small amounts of shares units of Securities and prioritizing our goal and future perspectives.
Independent Investors
We are not employee and or employed by any Banks Banking of Canada's neither associated to any other Financial Institutions.

We are solely Independent Investor who personally managed and or able to purchased a small amounts of securities that are available in the Global Stock Markets within TSX Toronto Stock Exchange Canada and NYSE New York Stock Exchange in America.

Independent Investor Networks
We are Independent Investors and however, we connect to Banking Financial Institutions Networks within Canada's in conjunction to access the Global Market for Canada TSX Toronto Stock Exchange and the USA American Market NYSE New York Stock Exchange to access the Global Corporate Market Listings.

Goals & Vision
Global Market Independent Investor goal and perspective to focused in our new client., to provide a certain and workable solutions in intellectual knowledge and confident.,  to pursued into Independent Investing.

Independent Decision
We will ensure you, and everyone who is actively participated and involved in the Independent Direct Investing that he/she is fully equipped and or well informed to making a sound decision., mindfully aware and observant ready to absorbed and taking risks into the higher level in order to understand the real meaning of being Independent Direct Investing.
Solid Fact Investing
We will provide you, with solid facts to build your Financial resources., by assisting you' to set-up a realistic goals in short & long terms of your Personal and Financial Perspectives.
The Key of Success
At Global Market., we simplify your investment and you have the control of your own personal investment assets and managed your finances, be be knowledgeable of your Investment in where you want to invested next., you have every rights to execute for your own personal financial decisions.

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