Mission & Statement

GLOBAL MARKET SOURCE INTERNATIONAL our mission is to help others understand on how to make money in the Global Markets. By working with individual investor, assisting him/her into simple strategy of direct independent investing., to be in control of his/her own personal finances and general investments, whether for his/her RRSP-SDRSP Retirement Savings Plan, Children’s RESP Registered Education Savings Plan, TFSA Tax Free Savings Plan, and any other needs to buy a new homes, vehicles, and or any other business ventures opportunities related to financial planning strategies.


Global Market Source International, we are unique independent investor’s who work exclusively in the Global Markets, we are not employed by any Banks’ of Canada and or any other financial institutions.
However, we use and connect to any Banks financial institutions networks within Canada, in conjunction to access the Global Market Exchange for Canada and USA.

Global Market Source International, independent investor’s goals and perspective to focuses in our new client to provide a certain workable in intellectual knowledges and confident  to pursued into independent investing. Independent Investor’ unlimited to the opportunities by individual to extending resources in International Markets, and this part it is depend by per individual investor’ capabilities to work with the International Global Markets.

We will ensure you, and everyone who is actively participated and involves with independent direct investing that he/she is fully-equipped, very-well informed to making a sounds decision and mindfully aware observant ready to absorbs and take risks, in order to understand the real meaning of being independent direct investors.



We will provide you, with solid facts to build your financial resources., by assisting you’ to set-up a realistic goal in short & long terms of your personal and financial perspectives.

Join with us! Global Market Source International, to simplifying your investment and to be in control with your own personal finances to be the first to know’ and knowledgeable of your own investments, in where you invested into. You have every right to execute for your own personal financial decisions!

Three (3) Main Aspect of Advantages

  • Investing independently or being Independent Direct Investors you are 100% percent in control with your own finances and accounts 24/hrs. A day.  You have direct access into the Global Market trading floor, which will provide you with unlimited resources within your fingertips.

Saving your 100% percent gain-profits instead of paying a management investors fee’ for every dollar you earned, by being independent your actual costs is only the trading fee’ for buying and selling of your holdings, and of course… don’t forget to included into your expenditures the budget for tax in capital gains., varies to different multiple investments such a Tax Free Savings Accounts.

  • Therefore, no bias and no limbo with GMS Global Market Source International, the Advantages and Strategy of being Independent Investor’ is worth it of pursuing to create your own advantaged.

  • Quick and simple strategy by saving your quality time and effort instead of giving others instructions’ of what you wanted to accomplished in your personal financial department joint with us, Global Market Source International, Independent Investors’ to unblocked and brighten your future learning along the ways to financial success and freedom enabling you to enjoy life to the fullest.