Mission & Statement

Goals & Perspective

Our mission and statement to helps new investor, who wishes to learns how to invest, and earn a few extra immediate cash. We can assists you, to be a financially independent investor, an individual who own a personal financial assets; he/she is identified as self-reliant, sufficient enough for sustaining his or her own individual abilities and capabilities by taking his/her own personal financial investment risks.

The individual person an investor who is aware of his/her own personal financial obligations and responsibilities, he/she is able to set-out a financial goal to purchase an investment for him/herself, rather than other person, each goals has approximates given timelines and analyze the estimated time when the money is required and where to invest next.

The (3) main aspects of advantaged

(1.) Investing independently, or being Independent Direct Investor you are 100% percent in control with your own Investment Financial Resources., and you have every rights to access in your accounts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week., and direct access into the Global Market trading floor, which will provide you with unlimited resources within your fingertips.

(2.) It will saved you 98% percent gained/profits instead of paying a Management Investor fee’s for a lifetimes for every dollar you earned. Your additional cost is the Global Market one time payment of services at minimum of one year or less to help you learn and your investment income tax plus trading costs of buying and selling., your income tax investment payable from gain/profits depending on your investment (except) the Tax Free Savings is Free Tax.

(3.) Global Market Direct Independent Investor, you are the Boss. Therefore, no bias and no limbo at Global Market direct investing it’s worth of pursuing to create your own comfort and advantages, and we’ve provide a world of investment opportunities and unlimited resources to build your account portfolio’s whether you want to save money in tax free, registered retirement and children’s education or invest in margin buying power or buy a new homes for families and or vehicle, starting a new entrepreneurial ventures opportunities in long term goals it’s a matter of determining where you want to go next.

Invest globally earn locally change driven!