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TFSA vs. RRSP pros & con’s

Tax Free Savings Plan contribution limits for year 2021 and 2022 will remain at $6,000 thousands Canadian dollar which has increased amount where in 2019 and 2018 was only $5,500.

Tax Free Introduction 2009

TFSA Tax Free Savings was first introduced in year of 2009 subject to indexation adjustment for Canada’s Canadian citizens and or residents to benefits into (personal income tax purposes).

The Tax Free Savings Plan, under proposed legislation of the Liberal Governments, was change since January 1, 2016 the annual Tax Free, Canadian dollar limits was decrease from $10,000 to $5,500.

Tax Free Savings Upon Death

The Tax Free Savings TFSA assets and benefit is generally transferable to a spouse or common-law partner upon death, alike RRSP registered retirement savings plan, that are usually designed to transferred to a spouse and or common-law partner upon death.

Tax Free vs RRSP Plan

The TFSA funds has it’s similar plan, with the RRSP registered retirement savings plan that can be given to a spouse or common-law partner. However, Tax Free Savings has got better to offer than regular RRSP when it comes to tax matters!

Tax Free Advantaged

TFSA advantages and benefits for Tax Free savings as of January 1st 2013 the Canadian Residents and Citizens at age of 18 and older he/she can start savings in Tax Free to contributes up to $5,500 Canadian dollars annually to TFSA savings accounts to a Tax Free benefits and to continuously carry his/her TFSA Tax Free savings accounts.

Tax Free Benefits

(1.) Investment Income Earned in a Tax Free is Tax-Free!

(2.) Withdrawals from a Tax Free are Tax-Free!

(3.) Unused Tax Free contribution room is carried forward and accumulates in the future years.

TFSA Tax Free Savings are designed generally for long terms financial planning alike RRSP registered retirement plan savings are transferable to a spouse or common-law partner. However, RRSP withdrawals can be daunting and costly when it comes to early use withdraws, the taxes payable as soon as the money is taken from the RRSP accounts. The Tax Free is transformation savings that has more benefits to offer and flexibility’s in term of tax purposes.

TFSA annual carryover contribution

2023 TFSA $*

2022 TFSA $6,000 & RRSP $29,210

2021 TFSA $6,000 & RRSP $27,830

2020 TFSA $6,000 & RRSP $27,230

2019 TFSA $6,000 & RRSP $26,500

2018 TFSA $5,500 & RRSP $26,230 

2017 TFSA $5,500 & RRSP $26,010 

2016 TFSA $5,500 & RRSP $25,370

2015 TFSA $10,000 & RRSP $24,930

2014 TFSA $5,500 & RRSP $24,230

2013 TFSA $5,500 & RRSP $23,820

2012 TFSA $5,500 & RRSP $23,820

2011 TFSA $5,000 & RRSP $22,970 

2010 TFSA $5,000 & RRSP $22,970

2009 TFSA $5,000 & RRSP $21,000

2008 TFSA $ N/A & RRSP $21,000

2007 TFSA $ N/A & RRSP $19,000


Registered Investments; Tax Free Savings, Retirements Savings, Education Plan and or called Roth IRA 401K is Registered Investments, RESP Education Savings Plan, and Roth IRA 401K Retirement Savings., each investments planned, is one of kinds investments that are categorized and separated in several portfolio’s to help an individual independent investors save per events of life savings investments, which are determine each portfolio’s when the money is required and where to invest next.

Tax Free Registered Investments

It’s a registered investment that’s are set-outs in various timelines periods between short terms and long terms planned and futures perspectives when the money is required, such for (examples) RESP child’s registered education plans and the RRSP registered retirement savings planned., old age securities and for emergency financial savings to enabled to use it in immediate crisis without tax penalty and re-contributed in the following year.

The Canadian and American has it’s similar plans (examples) such a RRSP and 401K alike where Americans traditional IRA contributions in the year of the contributor reaching out into the age of 70 1/2 and or older. Where Canadian can withdrawn with their RRSP at the age of 71 and with certain limit of amounts or be tax payable “if” withdrawal amount is over limits.

Tax Free IRA contributions limits doesn’t apply to rollover.

TFSA and or traditional IRA Tax Free contributions can be rollover in accordance to Tax Free carry over amounts, the Canadian and American can rollover their RRSP/401K to Tax Free savings without paying taxes (if) the rollover amounts just moving to TFSA Tax Free accounts.

Over contributions will be tax payable beyond amount limits. Therefore, there are conflicts to be considered wisely and worth it of paying attention into details., to avoid the costly mistakes.

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