Government Bonds

Canada Bonds

The Canadian Government Bonds. Investing in Canada‘s bonds issued by the Canadian government, are generally made with a promise to pay periodic interests payments and include the face values on the maturity expiration date.

The independent direct investors are paid for the capital investments. Interest is paid semi-annually [every six (6) months] or in quarterly defined periods. Occasionally monthly interest payments are made, depending on the vested companies.

The Government Bonds are issued by the national government of Canada’s, in foreign currencies are generally referred to as Sovereign Bonds.

The term “Sovereign Bond” may also refer to bonds issued in a country where the government bonds are usually denominated in the country’s own currencies.

Corporate Bonds

The Corporate Bonds is a “Debt Security” issued by a corporation and sold to investors, similar to  mutual funds issued by the banks and sold to investors under a bank’s investor management portfolio, the backing for a specifically chosen bond is usually the payment ability of the company, which is typically money to be earned from future operations.

Provincial Bonds

Global Market Provincial Bonds. Specific descriptions of provincial bonds are issued by the Canadian and provincial governments.

These are one of the most secure investments available. The interests’ paid vary in each province or territories within Canada, and occasionally these are the safest investment opportunities to invest in the Canadian and American market economy’s.

Municipal Bonds

Global Market Municipal Bonds. Investing and benefit descriptions of a debt security issued by a county, municipality, town, city or province,  are designed to finance the capital expenditures of given requests brought forward by the specific governing authorities.

The Municipal Canadian Bonds are exempt from federal taxes! Tax revenues from most of state, provinces, territories, and local taxes, especially if you live in the state, province, territory or municipality/county of  which the municipal bonds are issued.