Fixed Income

Government Bonds

The government fixed income bond, is a bond, which are own by the Canadian Federal Governments, that are generally available to purchase and added into an investment an individuals portfolio, as holding securities and determinedly is promises a percentage of earnings to pay periodic interests; varies from annual payments, semi-annual, quarterly and or in a monthly basis, sometimes you can chooses to a daily interests for short term fixed income investing.

Hassle Free & Profitable

The government bond, that provide a higher interest is available for retailers individual investor to finding the right products that is profitable which will pays more interest, than normal bank advisor may only offer not more than 5% percent.

Independent investor opportunities, to finding the best investment products that pays higher interest and hassle free and save management and administration fees.

Sovereign Bond

The government bonds fixed income are issued by the national government of Canada, in foreign currencies that are generally referred to as sovereign bonds, the term of sovereign bond, may also refer to bonds that are issued in a country where the government bonds are usually denominated in the country’s it’s own currency.

Corporate Bond

The corporate fixed income bond is a debt security issued by a corporations and sold to investor’s like you and me, similar to mutual fund, issued by the Banks and sold to any retail investors.

The corporate bond backing for specific chosen bond is usually the payment ability of the company, which is typically money to be earned from the future years of operations.

Provincial Bond

The provincial fixed income bond investing, specific description of provincial bond are issued by the Canadian, federal government and provincial government, these are of the most secure investments available; which an interests paid, varies depending on each provincial and or territorial governments issuers.

Municipal Bond

The municipal fixed income bond, description of a debt security issued by a county’s municipality, town, city or province, are designed to finance the capital expenditures of given request’s brought forward by the specific governing authorities; municipal bond are exempt from federal tax revenue’s from most of provinces and territories and or municipal/county’s of which the municipal bond are issued.