Nanette Moi

Under development draft web-page 2007

The Global Market, first implementation and development was emerging in the first quarter of year 2007., although, the company without a name by first being Independent Stockbroker., Nanette develop the Direct Independent Investor by mainly focus in stock market research mutual funds government bonds strategy buy & sells procedures in day’trading market analysis tax (taxes) implications., within International trading market of american market and maintaining numerous of corporate watch’lists company’s that are listed under Toronto & New York Stock Exchange., the Independent Direct Investor to enabled to managed their own personal Investing accounts of including margin to understand how it works in mixing Investment of RRSP Retirement Savings Plan, RESP Registered Education Savings Plan, and TFSA Tax Free Savings Plan, when was first introduced in year 2009 for family to enable to contribute minimum amounts of $5,000 annually and in January 1, 2013, Canadian residents, age 18 and older, can also contribute by savings and earns in Tax Free.

In over seven (7) years Global Market Source International, was first registered in December 17, 2013., Registered under Sole Proprietorship of Nanette Moi, by helping and assisting the family-friends, liked., in British Columbia Canada.

Over 30th years of multiple experiences including Computer Programming Technologies., local employment & business owner., which definitely contributed a large amount of valuable skills., mainly in Computer Technologies., well-wrapped knowledge of global market ventures., to works in Computer Fundamental Programs and general operating procedures., to solidifying the foundations of Global Market Source International., in conjunctions and associated to Global Market Research.

Nanette previous Business was Hotel Express Canada Ltd., in connection with Hotel Express International., Nanette’s own the rights of Hotel Express Canada Ltd., Intellectual Property in Canada, where the Head Office base in Kristiansand, Norway Europe. Hotel Express International., Hotel Express was associated with Worldwide Hotels Discount Organization Exclusively for Business Travelers., within the Asian Pacific region, Africa Europe, UK Central and North America /Canada.

The 90’s to 2000’ Nanette was part of SaskTel International, assignment Overseas with CIDA Canadian International Development Agency project in civilizing the Global Telecommunications Networks. Nanette is deeply appreciated the value of years’ involvement with SaskTel, which contributed huge learning experiences in personal and professional growths., being knowledgeable in multiple cultural ethnicity., and learned various languages to live in several places around the World.

The employment and business experience between years of 1980’s to 90’s in several organizations of Private Security Services, Printing Press, Quality Controller of Phil. Bible Society, Book productions of the first Lady Imelda R. Marcos, national newspapers, magazines, airlines industries, hotels, showbiz movie fake money printings, brochures, sales marketing advertising.

In Saskatchewan, Nanette’ teach Computer Fundamental Programs Educations in 2000 for adult Professionals Technical Skills., requirements for such a Doctors., to enabling to use the electronic devices how to login, and learning basic of Computer Skills Technology for the Large Governmental Organizations., such a Hospitals.

Nanette’s once own a Fast Food., open 24 hours 7 days a week services., and works in Real Estate Filinvest, Land Inc. Asia., Retails Stores Saskatchewan in the 90’s., Arbor Memorial Services in 2000 Regina, Sask. Funeral & Cemetery Products., focus on pre-planning solutions. Arbor Memorial Services., Head Office in Ontario, Canada.