Nanette Moi

President & Executive Director of Independent Direct Investing at; Global Market Source International, Global Markets was First Emerging in the First Quarter of 2007.

Nanette’s implemented the Company, Global Market Source International for over seven (7) years preparations., enabling to serves the public to becoming Independent Direct Investor. Nanette, mainly focused in Market Research, Strategies, Market Analysis and basic knowledges of International (Tax) Taxes., implications may applied for general operating procedures.

Global Market Source International, was First Registered under Sole Proprietorship of Nanette Moi by assisting family-friends in British Columbia Canada in December 17, 2013.

Nanette’ Goals to fully-developed and create a profitable rewarding career in the Global Markets., with unlimited resources within our own-fingertips!

Nanette is committed to helps or assists Individual and or Business Owner who is willing to understands., how to make money in the Global Markets., and to provide a solid guidelines to achieve his/her Financial Goals, in Short and Long Terms Perspectives.

Nanette’s flexibilities in several years of experienced and associated mixed base in local employment and being Business Owner. In addition of several assignment overseas. Nanette, various experiences working with local community, in retails services, hands on jobs., including Teaching and Training by assisting Adult Educations, in Computer Fundamental Technologies.

In approximately over 30th years of experience in Computer Technology, largely has contributed a valuable skills and high-tech knowledges; on how Global Markets Ventures Technologies., benefitted solely in build-in knowledged of Computer Fundamental Programs and General Operating High-Tech Procedures., to solidifying the foundations., of Global Markets, and enables to use the certained skills and knowledges in Global Economy and connectivities which affected Globally, associated in Financial Global Markets Industries.

Nanette previous Business., was Hotel Express Canada., in conjunction with Hotel Express International, Nanette’s owned the rights of Intellectual Property in Canada., for Hotel Express Canada Ltd. ‘where the Head Office, base in Kristiansand, Norway Europe. Hotel Express was associated with Worldwide Hotels Discount Organization Exclusively for Business Travelers programmed within the Asian Pacific region, Africa Europe, UK Central and North America /Canada.

Nanette, other historical works’ employments and or Business., involving International assignments., which contribute a large amounts of valuable skills and knowledges of being involved working under several Organizations., in Private Security Services., Printing Press Industries., Productions and Quality Controller of Phil. Bible Society, Newspapers, Magazines, Airlines Clienteles’ and Hotels.

Teaching in Computer Fundamental Programs., for Adult Professionals Educations in High-Technology., in year ‘2000 which requirements for most Professionals which considered to be upgrades their skills., such a Doctor’s to use Electronic Computer Devices to log-in., for Large Organizations., such a Hospitals.

Once Nanette owned; a Fast Food open 24 hours 7 days a week., and have work in Real Estate Filinvest Asia, Retails Stores in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Nanette’ unforgettable and valuable experience working with Arbor Memorial Services Funeral and Cemetery product the Canada’s leading providers in professional and ethical guidance innovative customer focused on pre-planning solutions. Arbor Memorial Services is maintaining the accountability in multi-national cultures oriented’ representatives in serving local communities with affordable and transferable pre-planning and at-needs arrangements, within the provinces and territories and where the head office in Ontario, Canada.

The 90’s to 2000’ Nanette was part of SaskTel International, assignment Overseas with CIDA Canadian International Development Agency project in Civilizing the Global Telecommunications Networks. Nanette is deeply appreciated the value of years’ involvement with SaskTel, which contributed hugely in learning experiences., in Personal and Professional Growths., being knowledgeable in different cultures., and learned various languages to live in several places around the World.