Nanette Moi

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Nanette’s (multi-tasking) everyday!

In 2002-2006 was part of Hotel Express International, and own the rights of intellectual property in Canada’s for Hotel Express Canada Ltd., our Canadian office was located in Vernon, British Columbia, the Hotel Express, head quarter office, was base in Kristiansand, Norway Europe. Hotel Express International, was associated with Exclusive Business Traveler’s Program, within the Asian Pacific Regions, Africa, Europe/UK & Central North America /Canada.

The 90’s 2002 was part of SaskTel International the head office in Regina Saskatchewan, SaskTel was part of Global Affairs Federal Government of Canada’s project assignment overseas., with CIDA the Canadian International Development Agency who’s civilizing the telecommunication technology’s worldwide networks establishment in the 90’s of satellite and under oceans cable installations throughout within Asian pacific regions and Africa.

Nanette’s truly and deeply appreciated the value of year’s involvement with SaskTel International, which has contributed a huge learning experience in multi-cultural diversity’s organizations, and being adoptable in constantly changing environment internationally, was the greatest part and valuable knowledge professionally, and in personal growth’ lessons-learned by living in overseas assignment, home-base in places locally and abroad destinations at few continent and the opportunity to travel worldwide.

Experienced & historical overview local & international employment & business background in over 30 years, overseas assignment, once was a business owner at fast food, the 90’s teaching a computer fundamentals program; flow-charts, spreadsheets-accounting, power points, words, emails, and all other basic general computer fundamental function technologies, (computer, adult education program, in Regina Sask.) The late 80’s & early 90’s computer programming, once work at private corporate/security guard services, family counselor, at cemetery and funeral services, real estate sales-agent, sales marketing, printing press quality controller; newspapers, books, magazines, airlines receipts, bible society’s productions, publishing and media advertisement.

Community Volunteer’s

Presently, helping the Community’s in Kelowna, British Columbia, and part of C. O. C. G. Central Okanagan Community Gardens., in 2003-2006 Vice President, at multi-cultural non-profit org., assoc. Vernon, British Columbia, in year 2002-2003 Volunteer at International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania, Africa. The 90’s Volunteering at the Food Bank, Regina, Sask., Schools, Estevan, Sask. Hospital, and actively involves in multi-cultural non-profit organization in the City of Estevan, Weyburn & Regina, Saskatchewan.