Nanette Moi

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The Global Market, first implementation and development was emerging in the first quarter of 2007 although, the company without a name by first being Independent Stock’Broker, focus in self-learning taking courses, for basic taxes applicable, tax trading implications of international tax charges, and learning the market analysis, market research determining when to buy and what to buy, in analyzing the time horizon, each goal normally has a specific timeline for when money is required.

The conservative investments compliment short time horizons, while equities are more appropriate for longer term goal of more than ten years by identifying and prioritizing goal, these may include entrepreneurial ventures, education, home purchase or retirement preparation. The ability to multi-tasks and managing our own personal investment portfolio, the risk and tolerance to define the comfort level of mixed investing between large caps stock small and medium equity and securities, including fixed income funds, government bonds, mutual funds, and determining where to invest next, once we’ve built a strong foundation for our portfolio, the ability to create multiple source of income within our finger tips!

After seven (7) years Global Market, was first registered in December 17, 2013. The Global Market was registered under Sole Proprietorship of Nanette Moi, by helping and assisting family-friends liked, in British Columbia.

In 2002-2006 Nanette, was part of Hotel Express International., and owned the rights of Intellectual Property in Canada, for Hotel Express Canada Ltd. The Head Office based in Kristiansand, Norway Europe. Hotel Express International, was associated with Worldwide Hotels Discount Organisations Exclusively for Business Travelers programs within the Asian Pacific regions, Africa Europe/UK Central and North America /CANADA

The 90’s 2002 Nanette was part of SaskTel International, Head Office in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada., assignment Overseas with CIDA Canadian International, Development Agency in Civilizing Global Telecom. Network in Asian Region & Africa. Nanette is deeply appreciated the value of years involvement with SaskTel, which contributed a huge learning in multi-cultures part of valuable Personal and Professional Growth.

In over 30 years various experiences local & International assignment, Business Owner Fast Food, regular employment serving Security Services, Family Counselor, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, Publishing & Advertisement. Lessons-learned live in several places around the World.