Nanette Moi

development 2007
Nanette's (multi-tasks) *Entrepreneur Self-employed Stock Broker SEO web-designer Founder at Global Market Source International Ltd., who implemented Global Market Direct Investing in the first quarter of year 2007., although the company's during the year of development without a name by first Nanette's being independent stock broker self-investor managing personal investment accounts within registered retirement child's education tax free and focus in market research within Canadian and American market listings., self-learning and taking courses on basic tax applicable for international trading tax implications charge's in short terms of buying and selling for the investment securities that are listed in American market stocks exchange and any associated costs implications in related to tax income, investment income applicable to Independent Investment.

Direct Investing designs to constantly focus in market research, market analyst market strategies in determining when to buy and what to buy it is on going daily analysis and timing in preparations and to be continually aware of personal financial obligations and responsibilities in where to invest next.

The Global Market Independent Direct Investing a person who is self-reliant mentally capable to making his/her own financial investment decision., the Independent he/she is financially self-sufficient to take his/her own personal risks., a goal oriented who is flexible individual in terms of any aspects of investing which are normally set-out per each goal., with a certain specific timelines of personal and financial planning strategies by estimating when the money is required.

In 2002-2006 Nanette was part of Hotel Express International., and own the rights of intellectual property in Canada's for Hotel Express Canada Ltd., our Canadian office was located in Vernon British Columbia., and the Hotel Express h
ead quarter office was base in Kristiansand Norway Europe., Hotel Express International was associated with Exclusive Business Traveler's club programmed within the Asian Pacific Regions Africa Europe/UK Central and North America /Canada.

The 90's 2002 Nanette was part of SaskTel International the head office in Regina Saskatchewan., SaskTel was part of Global Affairs Federal Government of Canada's project assignment overseas., with CIDA t
he Canadian International Development Agency who's civilizing the telecommunication technology's worldwide networks establishment in the 90's of satellite and under oceans cable installations throughout within Asian pacific regions and Africa.

Nanette's deeply appreciated the value of year's involvement with SaskTel International which has contributed a huge learning experience in multi-cultural diversity's environment for being part of valuable personal and professional growth., lessons-learned by living Internationally overseas assignment home-base in various places local and abroad around the World.

Nanette's experienced /historical background business and local employment in the past 30 years., overseas assignment., Nanette once was a business owner of fast food, teaching adult education for computer fundamental programs, humanitarian, security guard service/private law enforcement, family counselor, cemetery and funeral services, real estate agent, sales and marketing, printing press newspapers, books, magazines, airlines receipts, bible's productions, publishing and media advertisement.

Global Goodwill Ambassador