Frequently Asked Questions

Why Global Market?

Global Market Independent Investor, is personalized dedicated to helping other’s understand the conflicts of Direct Independent Investing.

Direct Investing

Direct Investor, who own a personal financial assets, and or allow to raise any amount as qualified investor, the individual who alone or together with a spouse, who own a Financial Assets., the Individual who must only purchasing for him/herself, rather than another person.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Question 1
How to get started?

FAQ: Answer 1
Global Market, will be analyzing what are the best for you depending on your goal. Global Market, determine between long/short term goal, and future perspective to direct you, after you contact us via *Request Form to identify the type’s of necessary requirement info., first step to go forward.

FAQ: Question 2
How much money to start Investing?

FAQ: Answer 2
It is unlimited investing., you can started small amounts (example) Canadian dollars $10,000 to $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 there is no limitations., on how much you can invest., up to millions or trillions *if you have it., in your spare pocket.

FAQ: Question 3
How to be sure I can gain my money., and not losing it?

FAQ: Answer 3
Global Market Intl’ will help guide you., to ensure you will follow the necessary procedure in order to succeed in Global Market to achieved your goal futures and financial perspective.

FAQ: Question 4
What is requirement to qualify to be Independent Direct Investor?

FAQ: Answer 4
You must have enough *spare cash $$$ personal financial assets resources to participate and basic knowledge in the Computer Technology well-organised to set-up goal, willing to learn… & earning while learning!

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