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Global Market founded’2007

The GLOBAL MARKET basic introduction first development was emerging without a name in the first quarter of year 2007 Nanette Moi Self-employed stockbroker mainly focused in market research self-learning (multi-tasking) buy/sell with small amounts of securities that is listed under TSX Canadian and NYSE American Stock Market Exchange.

In December 17, 2013 Global Market Source Internal was first registered under Sole Proprietorship of Nanette Moi in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Logo Trademarks

Our Market Logo International Trademarks was created and finalized on October 2015 and the distinctive description is finely designs in perfect color of navy blue 534 and rich green 639 with the right open hands withholding the globe wrapped around in the letter G stands for GLOBAL MARKET SOURCE INTERNATIONAL The Leading Edge Independent Investors

Canada Federal Business Corporations

In July 25, 2016 the company Global Market Source International was first established under the Canada’s Federal Business Corporations Act., the rights to conduct a business across the Canadian provinces and territories to function in various level and perspective characteristically, with extra Provincial registrations under British Columbia, incorporated pursuant under the Canada’s Business Corporations Act.


The Investment Amendment Act 1934-1940’s

The acknowledgement of the investment act, amended in 1940’s, was first established in 1934 and made it’s emergence according to the version of section 34 the investment act, which was specified to be governed as the investment act, of 1940’s, which are primarily focus to control the public financial assets, and to accomplished it’s own purposes by governing the financial banking industries, to compilation in managing the public financial assets, which are specifically implemented in enforcing the compliance for the banking financial institutions, it’s creation/s and amendment/s in the 1940’s which made the investment declarations of financial strati-graphically designed for the banks who hold and or withholding’s the public financial assets, in compilation for financial banking institutions, the investment processed and or the procedures to engaged in for withholding the public financial assets, money savings and investment or investing, by governing the investment amendment act, 1934-1940’s, which was specifically applied for the banking financial institutions of the banking industries, to dealt with the public financial assets through the investment act, that was finalized and amended in 1940’s.


GLOBAL MARKET Direct Investing is finely designed to Individual Investor who financially own a personal assets self-reliant and sufficient to sustaining his/her own individuality and capable of taking his/her own “Personal Financial Risks” GLOBAL MARKET focus mainly in stock market research, growth stocks, mutual funds and government bonds, market analyst and strategies in terms of Direct Investing, and understanding the implications of tax trading costs related to Independent Direct Investing., and by taking basic courses on taxes associated to income tax trading implications applicable for International tax charges which specifically applied for Canadian residents tax applicable associated to Canadian Investors related to Investment Tax for Canada’s Investors.

GLOBAL MARKET Direct Investor who financially own a personal assets, sufficient for sustaining his/her own individual capabilities by taking his/her own “Personal Financial Risks” in term of Direct Independent Investing, he/she is aware of his/her own personal financial obligations and responsibilities in where to invest next which are normally each goal has a specific timelines estimated when the money is required, and where to invest next.

The basic transformation of “part 1-3” by complying into self-direct investing compliance of the independent investment act, where differed the GLOBAL MARKET SOURCE INTERNATIONAL set-outs specifically in self-reliant independent investor who financially sufficient to sustaining his/her own individuality, a person who own a personal financial assets, who decide for him/herself and buy/sell for his/her own solely benefit, he/she is individualistic who think for him/herself, a person alike entrepreneur authentic types and by taking his/her own “Personal Financial Risks” to make his/her own sounds financial decision for him/herself, rather than the other person.

The basic transformation “part 2-2” by complying into investment act, where differed the GLOBAL MARKET SOURCE INTERNATIONAL the Investment Amendment Act., was first of incorporated in 1934-1940’s which are primary source of investment industries such a mutual funds in trillions dollars., it’s applied to banking industries., banks financial institutions who dealt with public financial assets., people’s money funds and or retirement savings for the banking and or financial industries to managed and earned profits from public sourced of funds investment., where people’s in general public deposited money funding and or cash amounts into in order to gains any financial profits in the common interest for publicly held investors.

The basic transformation “part 3-3” by complying into the investment act, where differed GLOBAL MARKET SOURCE INTERNATIONAL the section 34 act, amendment of 1940. It’s specifically apply for the banks, banking institutions, in terms of section 34 act, amendment of 1940’s investment act, of financial banking institutions, which amended in the USA., and it’s applied for the entire worldwide financial banking institutions which are under the governing financial rules amendment act of 1940, in terms of globalized and or centralized in relations to Investment Amendment Rules Act, 1934-1940’s.

GLOBAL MARKET offered a flexibility to individual investor who are self-reliant, independent and financially sufficient to sustaining his/her own financial independent investing a person who own a personal financial assets, who decides for him/herself to buy and sell for his/her own solely benefits, he/she is individualistic a single minded who think for him/herself, to invest independently, by taking his/her own personal financial investment risks, a person alike entrepreneur authentic type who is mentally capable of making his her own personal financial decision.

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