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GMS Intl’ Founded 2007

Global Market Direct Independent Investing was First Emerging in the First Quarter of 2007., after Seven (7) years of Business Development, Market Research, Strategies., to enable to help others., to understand in terms of Global Market Direct Investing., Investment Education., Educational Learning in terms of Investing in the Global Market., to benefit to save to gain a higher amounts of immediate cash return in short term Investing or long terms financial planning and futures perspective., to earn in short term cash while learning how to invest in the Global Market., join us. The Leading Edge Independent Investors Global Market Direct Investing.

Sole Proprietorship 2013

Global Market was first Registered in the Province of British Columbia, under Sole Proprietorship of Nanette Moi, in Dec. 17, 2013., the Global Market focused in Market Research Investment Education, Global Market Direct Investing on how to invest directly, into various investments available in higher interest return in short and long terms investment whether for your registered retirement plans, registered child education, tax free savings planning investing mixed varied in govt., bonds, mutual funds, international stocks, Canadian/American Securities/Equities, which are exclusively accessible by Registered Direct Independent Investor., to select the suitable and affordable investments between small, medium and large caps stocks, listed within Canada & USA market., Smart Investing is Direct Investors!

Federal Business Corporations 2016

In July 25, 2016 Global Market Source International., First Registered under Federal Business Corporations., Incorporated Pursuant to Canada’s Business Corporations Act., the rights to carry on Direct Investing Education of Global Market Educational Investment Learning., anywhere in Canada’s., to carry on Business names the Global Market Source International., (Online Business Operations.,) Investment Education., in terms of Global Market Direct Investing., Global Market International., is Registered extra Provincially in British Columbia., Global Market is exclusively owned the rights the Logo’s and Trademarks of Global Market Source International., Ltd.

Global Market Logo Trademarks

Our Logo Trademarks and distinctive descriptions is finely designed in perfect colour of navy blue 534 & rich green 639 with the right open hands holding the globes wrapped around in letter G stands for Global Market Source International., The Leading Edge Independent Investors.

The Federal Incorporation

Global Market Source International Logo and Trademarks Exclusively and Solely owned of the Global Market Source International Limited Ltd., under CANADA Federal Business Corporations Act.

Global Market International

In July 25, 2016 Global Market Source International, we change our name by adding Limited “Ltd.” Registered under Federal Corporations and Incorporated pursuant to the Canada Business Corporations Act.

Global Source Market Canada

Global Market Source International., Ltd., who wholly owned the Rights in Canada’s for the Logo and Trademarks to carry on Business name of the Global Market Source International., (Online Business Operations)., anywhere in Canada., and Registered extra Provincially in British Columbia/BC

Global Market British Columbia
Sole Proprietorship

The Global Market Source International., First Registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada under Sole Proprietorship of Nanette Moi, in December 17, 2013., Global Market Source ‘first business development location was in Vernon, BC., secondly in West Kelowna, BC.

Global Market Kelowna BC

Our Headquarter Home/Office Business Operations (Online)., base in the City of Kelowna, in Central Okanagan, Province of British Columbia Canada


Global Market Online

Global Market Source International, first launching a websites in the first quarter of 2014 and ongoing changes, updated each year., associated to specific services we provided of Direct Independent and Individual Investors., who own a personal assets or business., who want to earned extra amounts for him/herself., rather than the other person.

Website Purposes

Our websites online purposes are to enable to provide a basic online information about Global Market Source International., on who we are what we do., what we offer., to help you., making the right financial sounds decisions which to pursued your goals in short terms and long term future perspectives.

Global Market Website

Our website does not specify about our products and the certain types or specifications of our services., you must contact us., since our websites only provides basic information related to Independent Direct Investor., which he/she well-capable to managed his/her own personal finances or general investments.

Global Market Goal & Perspective

Our goal is to fully-developed and create a profitable rewarding career in the Global Market with unlimited resources within fingertips!


Global Market Accountability

We are committed to help and assists Individual and or Small Business Owner understands., how to make money in the Global Markets and to provides a solid guidelines to achieve his/her Financial Goals., in Short and Long Terms Perspectives.

Nanette Moi

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Founder GMS Intl’ 2007

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